jeudi 22 juillet 2010

Despicable me...soon

Film sur lequel j'ai travaillé l'an dernier en tant que Color Designer...

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DrawDoll a dit…

Cool blog, love all your work! Oh and congratulations, Despicable Me looks great :) Good Job.

Matt J a dit…

Mais quand alors?! C'est toujours pas sortie en Angleterre!

Tim a dit…


We are a TV production company in the UK and are developing a programme with Disney. We are looking for a designer for the bible and wonder if this might be of interest to you.

Can you please get in touch on

I really like your blog and from the trailers Despicable Me looks great.

Best wishes
Roughcut Television

Mac Rabbit a dit…

La classe d'avoir bossé sur se film! Franchement chapeau;)

Taylor Krahenbuhl a dit…

love your work Oli!